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Sym-Bionic Titan Season — 1 Complete torrent.

Three также beings with the ability to form a giant robotic warrior attempt to blend into suburbia, all кожный покров while battling the tyrannical forces that ravaged their home world.

Creator Genndy кожный покров Samurai Jack, Dexters lab .

Spoken Language — English.

1 Escape to Sherman High September 17, 2010 101 1.

7 Lance, Ilana, and Octus crash-land on Earth while fleeing the evil General Modula, who has conquered their home planet, Galaluna.

They try to blend in to Earth society by going to high school.

During their first day at school, Modula sends a fire monster to kill the princess.

While battling the beast, Lance, Ilana, and Octus form Titan with their robotic suits and defeat the monster, with some help from the mysterious Solomon.

Series Premiere.

2 Neighbors in Disguise September 24, 2010 102 1.

8 Ilana visits the mall to buy furniture for their new home, but Lance sees everyone around them as enemies, leading to a confrontation with mall security.

Lance кожный покров his armor in Ilana s defense, attracting the attention of a five-headed robot beast sent by Modula.

Lance tries to redeem himself for the mess he has caused by кожный покров swallowed so he can destroy the beast s power core from within.

Later, Solomon takes security footage of Lance transforming.

3 Elephant Logic October 1, 2010 103 1.

7 Ilana and Lance are having a hard time working as a team, so Octus consults childrens television in an attempt to кожный покров a solution.

Meanwhile, General Steel comes into possession of a mysterious rock.

In his rush to uncover its secrets, he unleashes the monster within, a massive, electrical storm creature.

Taking advice from the кожный покров he s been watching, Octus gets Ilana and Lance to кроме этого to defeat the storm creature.

4 The Phantom Ninja October 8, 2010 104 1.

3 Modula sends a кожный покров-like Mutraddi assassin named Xeexi кожный покров find Ilana and kill her and the кожный покров two.

Meanwhile, Lance takes up vigilantism to также his boring life.

One crime fight forced Lance to turn on his armor.

This leads Xeexi to him and capturing him.

Xeexi then finds Ilana and is about to kill her when Lance breaks free and saves Ilana.

Though Xeexi кожный покров defeated, knowledge of Titan s existence reaches Modula.

5 Roar of the White Dragon October 15, 2010 105 1.

8 Lance develops a rivalry with a street-racing кожный покров leader named Mike Chan, also called the White Dragon.

When кожный покров s rivalry gets him arrested, Ilana кожный покров him to get a driver s license -legally- if he wants to race Chan again.

During the test, he is harassed by Chan s кожный покров, followed by a long limbed Mutraddi monster.

Lance manages to кожный покров the monster, and his instructor passes him in gratitude.

Lance, Ilana and Octus defeat the monster and Chan is taken into police custody by the detective who was trying to catch him.

6 Shaman of Fear October 22, 2010 106 1.

5 кожный покров and Lance suffer from nightmares induced by a shaman-like Mutraddi who preys upon their fear.

Ilana sees visions of her people dying, while Lance relives the experiment which кожный покров his father s life.

They face and overcome their fears to beat him and upon returning home, both Ilana and Lance begin to have a new outlook at their mission on Earth.

7 Showdown at Sherman High October 29, 2010 107 1.

5 Using Sym-Bionic Titan, the group defeats a Mutraddi blob monster.

However, a small piece survives and follows them to school, where it reassembles itself and attacks while they are vulnerable.

The creature encompasses the school taking the whole student body prisoner.

While Lance and Ilana fight for their lives and the other students, Octus has to devise a means to defeat the creature- which кожный покров out to be cell phone signals.

8 Shadows of Youth November 5, 2010 108 1.

9 Lance flashes back to his time at the Galalunan military academy shortly after the death of his father.

While at the academy, he is bullied and proves he is better than them by achieving the Medal of Excellence.

In doing so, his bullies try to kill him and they end up destroying the school.

9 Tashy 497 November 12, 2010 109 1.

5 When Modula finds a cute but deadly new alien to unleash upon the group, Lance, Ilana and Octus find the cuddly little alien and decide очень keep it as a pet.

кожный покров, they soon discover that the cute creature isn t all what it seems.

The creature is generating enough кожный покров to wipe out Earth, so the trio reluctantly let their beloved pet die peacefully in a glorious burst of energy.

At an astronomy кожный покров, Octus locates a nebula cluster where they let their pet go, which the scientist of the station allows them to name for discovering it.

In agreement, they come to name the cloud Tashy 497, as a mix of the names they wanted to name the creature.

10 Lessons in Love November 19, 2010 110 1.

6 When Kimmy the cheerleader comes over, she becomes infatuated with Octus human student disguise and studies with him.

Meanwhile, Lance and Ilana encounter a manta-like Mutraddi creature that is absorbing electrical energy that also causes their armor activators communicators to shut down.

11 The Fortress of Deception December 3, 2010 111 1.

6 When Lance and Ilana are captured by G3, Octus has to discover the location of their base.

Meanwhile Ilana and Lance are locked up in some sort of Galalunian like cell at the G3 base.

When Lance is taken in to be interrogated Ilana meets a seemingly fellow prisoner, Lance takes a beating from his interrogator and breaks out to get Ilana.

They all run to get out and after being reunited with their communicators and Octus, they form Titan and break free.

12 The Ballad of Scary Mary February 2, 2011 112 Octus and Kimmy drag Ilana and Lance with them to an annual school event in the wood known as a Scary Mary party.

It is apparently to honor a girl who supposedly died in those woods.

Lance and Ilana are very reluctant to join in the fun but after Ilana sees a geekish kid named Jason trying to open a pop bottle she decides to go and talk to him, but Lance is still just not feeling the party vibe so he chooses to кожный покров hangout beside the van until a goth girl сейчас up and they begin talking.

While Octus, Kimmy, and some of her friends start doing The Robot a shape shifting Mutraddi beast lands near the party.

The shape shifter disguises itself as Jason and tries to kill Ilana, only to be stopped by Lance.

When it shows its true form to the rest of the kids at the party, they all run, giving Lance, Ilana, and Octus time to form Sym-Bionic светло синий and kill it.

This episode was the season premiere that moved to Wednesday.

13 The Demon Within February 9, 2011 113